Rosa Negra 

The exquisite protective cream assists in defending the skin against premature skin aging and environmental damage. The invaluable emulsion dramatically transforms from a solid enriched emulsion into moisturizing precious oxygen water. This product provides maximum hydration thanks to the ultra-powerful resurrection Jericho Rose. Jerico Rose is widely...
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The exceptional formulation helps in nourishing and restoring balances due to imbalances caused by the skin’s aging process. This is an overnight outstanding all in one oxygen, firming, moisturizing, and exfoliating mask which also acts as a magically transformative night emulsion. The cream provides ultimate hydration thanks to the superior power of the...
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The best product to guard, depollute, and supply sufficient oxygen to the skin enabling it to adapt to the dynamic environment throughout the day. The unique cream assists in activating the self-protection capacity of the skin and provides optimum moisture. All these is enabled by the ability of the traditional resurrection Jericho Rose, which is...
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Rosa Negra Restoration Oxygen Defense Cellular Skin Enhancer (50ml/1.7 fl oz) This exclusive protective cream helps to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature skin ageing. This precious cream magically turns from a solid rich cream into hydrating rich oxygen water. The formula delivers optimum hydration due to the powerful resurrection...
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